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A hot night in Vegas is just what the rockstar ordered…until someone ends up married.

Michael Shawcross is living the dream, opening up for his idols, Oblivion, on his band Warning Sign’s first tour. Until an overzealous fan goes too far and his hard-partying ways catch up to him in the form of an ultimatum from his manager, Lila Crandall.

Clean up your image—or else.

Single mom Chloe Adams is in Vegas for a rare girls’ night out. She wasn’t ever supposed to be attracted to another rockstar. In fact, she’s in rockstar rehab, and the cure for her addiction definitely isn’t a sexy, smart-assed guitarist with wicked fingers.

She never expects to accidentally end up his wife. Or to have her new husband suddenly decide that she’s the solution to all his problems. And surprise…he’s happy to show his appreciation in a number of interesting, inventive ways.

Pretending their marriage is real might just be the hottest proposition she’s ever been given.

But what happens when a lie becomes the truth?

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I LOVED Bedded Bliss with everything that I have. It is a perfect romance; sexy, fun but with a sense of goodness and rightness and two people finding just what they need in each other even though they never expected it.


Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

Michael…he’s just irresistible. Chloe is just wonderful in her devotion and commitment to her son. Their opposites brought out the very best in each other. Be forewarned, though, that their interludes burn up the pages.


Reviewer, The Book Nympho

My name is Owen Blackwell, and I’m currently in recovery.

Not from what you think, though I do enjoy a bit of whiskey.

No, my issue is that I fell foolishly in love with my best friend. Oh, and she’s getting married.

So, in my eternal stupidity, I hooked up with a woman at our annual masquerade ball. You know what they say—the best way to get over a woman is to get under another.

Who is this woman, you ask? Calliope Templeton. She’s unlike any other I’ve ever met. And believe me, as the guitarist for Hammered—only the biggest selling rock band out there right now—I’ve met quite a few.

Now I have to figure out how to convince her we’re more than just a one-night stand. She’s supposed to be my happily ever after.

And if necessary, I’m willing to show her just how resourceful one determined Irishman can be…

BEYOND OBLIVION – A Rockstar Romance full of sexy fun set within the world of our Lost in Oblivion series! You never know who you’ll see show up in the books.

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MANIPULATED is a heartwarming and energetic story line; a passionate look at two people struggling to find love on the road; an inspiring tale about success, friendship, and a happily ever after.


Reviewer, The Reading Cafe

HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommended book, series and authors!! LOVED this book, as I have all the books in these series. Beautiful, sexy, heartbreaking and full of love and good friends!

Review, Amazon

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Hey ROCKERS!! We are so excited about our NEW TRAILER for BEDDED BLISS!! Soooo excited that we decided to do a little contest about it!   Eeeeep! Wasn’t that amazing? Did you watch closely? It’s okay, you can totally watch it again. Heh. If you...

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Soooo….OWNED IS OUT! YAY! Music has always played a pivotal role in our stories, but when it comes to our rockstar romances you know it’s key! We love to use SPOTIFY to pull together playlists as we’re writing. And sometimes, we make smaller ones for...

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