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Music kept them going. Now it’s torn them apart…
Guitarist Nick Crandall lost the most important thing in his life—his band—just as he was falling in love. A year has passed, and Oblivion is returning from hiatus. And Nick is ready to ask Lila to spend forever with him, even if he won’t have his best friend at his side for the ceremony.
Simon has spent the past year trying to find his way back to the thing that sustained him in his darkest hours, then grew to be his biggest demon. Margo has been at his side, but she’s tired of him denying his dreams. With her help, he’s ready to admit it’s showtime.
Perhaps he’s even ready to stand up for his best friend…and face him on the stage that united them so long ago.
It’s do or die, one more time.
**The guys—and their women—are in the driver’s seat in Owned, and the ride’s gonna rock. This is the FINAL book in the Lost in Oblivion rockstar series.**

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This tag-team effort put forth by Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott has produced some intense work. There was drama. The feelings and senses come to play. You will use them. You will feel. You will fall a little bit in love. This was not like a typical series. You get a full surround sound story.

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I’ve thought a lot about why I love this series and it’s because I love every member of this band and their partners. They’ve been a lot of fun and Owned was a terrific conclusion of their story. I loved every minute of this and didn’t put it down until I hit the final pages of the “perfect” ending.

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Soooo….OWNED IS OUT! YAY! Music has always played a pivotal role in our stories, but when it comes to our rockstar romances you know it’s key! We love to use SPOTIFY to pull together playlists as we’re writing. And sometimes, we make smaller ones for...

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