Book 3.5 in the rockstar series, Lost in Oblivion. 


Is it better to burn out or fade away…  


Oblivion lead singer Simon Kagan is used to being in the spotlight for his model good looks and his voice, not because of the epic ending to Oblivion’s last show on their home turf in California. That unforgettable night rocked Oblivion in more ways than one, and now the journey back seems almost impossible.  


The only bright spot is Margo. Margo, the one woman he’d been sure would never be more than a hot ride in the dark. Margo, who would never be his.  


Except she is…for now. But taking one dream and trading it for another isn’t supposed to hurt this much.  


As long as Margo never realizes the man she fell for no longer exists, maybe he won’t lose everything that matters due to just one all-consuming night. 


**This book resolves the cliffhanger at the end of Destroyed.** 


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CONSUMED is a sexually charged, erotic romance storyline about two people from different backgrounds who fall in love despite the odds. Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott have skillfully merged their writing styles resulting in a fantastic series about sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

Sandy ~ The Reading Cafe

I so love this series.. Every time I think the authors have reached their maximum they stretch me further.

Jonetta ~ The Book Nympho