a Rockstar Romantic Comedy

Hammered Book 2

My name is Faith Keystone, but my friends call me Keys.

I’m the piano player for Hammered.

Did I mention I’m the only female in my band?

That means I technically have five older brothers.

Can’t forget my manager and security team, too.

As you can probably imagine, alone time is nonexistent.

I escaped an overbearing family to join this happy circus, and most of the time it’s awesome.

Except now, because of one teensy little incident at a show.

Now I have this hulking bodyguard shadowing me like a freaking puppy.

Only this puppy is more like a Doberman with an attitude problem.

And he only knows one word—NO.

I hate that word.

And I hate Quinn Alexander.

The one thing I do like is giving him the slip. Is it wrong that I kinda like when he growls at me after he finds me?

Because he always finds me.

Worst of all? I want him so bad that I keep forgetting I hate him.

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What People are Saying…

I am beyond thrilled with Manhandled and that it is a complete story with a fantastic ending. I will also say the more time I spend with the band Hammered, the more intrigued I am by the rest of the members and I can’t wait to see the journey they take to find their special someone.

Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

This was my first read by the authors and I really enjoyed it. The writing was excellent and seamlessly done as was the pacing of the story. They did a great job at keeping everything balanced, there wasn’t anything too over the top when it came to the humor or the drama. The secondary characters were all fun and interesting and I really didn’t want the story to end so that I could hang out with all of them longer.

Evermore Books

I love Taryn Elliott’s and Cari Quinn’s writing style. It’s lighthearted, sexy and entertaining. What we have here is a sexed up version of the 90s movie Bodyguard. And I mean that in the best possible way.

The story itself is a slower and sweeter burn than its predecessor Manaconda. It’s still a fast-paced story with great banter and lovable side characters.

Vanilla & Spice Books

Music that Inspired MANHANDLED