Little person.

Dont hurt her.

Dont manhandle her.

How was I supposed to do this? All these intense emotions were driving me toward maximum overload. All the things I was used to doing with her—and now shouldn’t do—overrode my brain.

Abort. No, don’t use that word.

Go easy.


Sweet bleeding Jesus, she was having my baby. I glanced down at the stick in my hand and the lines that blurred and focused like a camera gone haywire. It should have made me shrink like I was swimming in the Atlantic, but no. I was as hard as a fucking pike.

My baby.

I set the stick on the side table and dropped to my knees in front of her.

“Owen, jeez.”

She staggered when I dragged at her leggings she was forever wearing. I needed flesh. Her skin under my lips.

I needed to touch all that was housing our little one.

I swiped my thumb across the baby-fine hairs along her skin and the cute little belly button I’d spent ages kissing, talking to, begging for a baby to start growing behind.

Now he—she?—was finally here.

Did I mention I was hard as a feckin’ piece of rebar? Not that I knew what rebar was until a few weeks ago. Building a damn house, I was.

Well, not me. Workmen.

But I’d been freaking out about all the materials everywhere in our little place as we survived in the only corner of the house that was done—confining ourselves to our bedroom and master bath was like living in a small apartment in the midst of chaos. Now I had even more to worry about. Dust, debris, chemicals, noise…God.

A baby.

I pressed my cheek against her belly and blew out a long, slow breath. “A wee little one in there?”

She looked down at me with those huge, guileless eyes. My beautiful wife and her perfectness that fit me in so many ways. She toyed with my hair. “Aye, Blackbeard. We have a little guy—or girl—in there.” Her eyes shone. “Happy?”

“Very much. More than I thought even possible.”

She laughed and pushed my hair back. “You’re going to be the very best daddy.”

“I hope so.” I frowned and looked down at her belly again. “How far along are we?”

“How far am I, you mean? I don’t see you pushing out a watermelon from your boy places, pal.”

I laughed. “Aye, but I did have a hand in the creating.”

“That you did. I’m not sure yet. I’m barely late.”

I nodded. “Doctors then? Straightaway.”

She laughed. “Yes, we’ll get an appointment.”

I pulled her panties down lower to find the curve of her lower belly and swollen slit. She sucked in a deep breath, her eyes wide and lit with a fire that matched my own. I watched her as I flicked my tongue through the sweet little valley. Her lips swelled and her clit tightened instantly. Drawing tight to hide itself from me.

I chased it down, sucking the little pearl of perfection. Her legs trembled and she swayed slightly. I slid my hand around the backs of her thighs and up to the solid curves of her ass. My Bunny was more than a handful there. So much so that I was forever chasing her around for a bite. All the lunges she did for her photography left her tight as a drum. That and the yoga she’d taken to doing with her sister to get her body ready for a baby.

And again, the word baby caught me off guard.

We’d been doing everything we could to make one. Fucking, loving, even timing out our sex sometimes—which was way less sexy than it sounds. But she wanted one and I…well, I didn’t realize how much I wanted something of my own until she put the idea in my brain.

Something of her, something of me, something of us in a wild, wonderful configuration that only we could create.

So fucking amazing.

So goddamn huge.

I buried my tongue deeper into her and watched as she swayed in that Callie way of hers. Fighting it, loving it, and finally surrendering to it. As if she had any other recourse. I’d never leave her hanging. Even to my own detriment.

I ripped at my zipper and took myself in hand to ease the ache of being stuffed into my denims. I pumped and palmed myself in time to each stroke of my tongue. I held onto her with one hand as she shuddered for me.

The soft, mewling sound I lived for started from her damn toes. I released my cock and gripped her hips as I drank her down, pushing her toward the bed. She fell back with a little shriek and I crawled over her, pushing her up the bed.

She crab-walked back, trying to get away from me.

“Owen.” Her voice was cracking, her breath more of a pant.

There was no way I was stopping now. I threw her leg over my shoulder and slid two fingers into her as she flexed around me. She bowed up off the bed, her arms reaching above her head.

I only wanted her holding on to me.

I reached up with my other hand to find her breasts. She arched higher, bowing up until she was nothing but a feline stretch of golden skin and hair. She twisted her fingers over mine, laced ours together as I pushed at cotton to get to her.

I shoved at her little lacy piece of fluff she called a bra. My girl didn’t really like to be bound by elastic and wires. I loved it.

Her pert little tits were my favorite to suck on.

Well, next to her perfect clit anyway.

I plucked at her nipple and she writhed. She grabbed at my hand, pushing me away then dragging me closer. Fucking sensitive.

They always were, but now?

Fuck, she was unraveling under me as if I was the only thing holding her together.

I pulled my mouth free of her, the taste soaked into my tongue and cheeks, sticking to my beard. I was covered in her. I turned my hand to replace my tongue with my thumb at her clit. Circling again and again then pressing down until it pulsed under the pad of my finger.

So damn hot.

So much mine.

I climbed higher to her breast.

I sucked her raspberry nipple into my mouth. So tight and God, if it wasn’t practically throbbing under my tongue.

Maybe it was just my own heartbeat. Or my cock. Because it was so hard I couldn’t use good sense at this point.

Sex had been for a purpose lately. A scheduled time around temperatures and gauges I’d never understand no matter how many books I read. Oh, there were still times when we couldn’t get enough of one another. When it wasn’t just about the baby we both wanted so very badly. But there were far too many nights that ended in prayers and quiet, both of us hoping that maybe this time was the one.

Here and now, my Bunny was strung out on my touch. Just because of me. No ulterior motive. Because she wanted me to touch her and connect.

Possessiveness threatened to drown me.

I had to get inside her.

She pushed at my jacket, at my shirt, at my pants—all at once, her hands were everywhere. I flipped my coat off as I knelt between her thighs. She was open wide for me, her shirt shoved up under her chin and her panties hanging off her ankle like a white flag of surrender.

No surrender.

Not now.

I reached behind my neck to jerk my shirt off and her eyes did that hooded thing I loved. The lust and love battling for supremacy in her bright summer blue gaze. She drew her fingertips up her ribs to her breasts. “Everything feels so big.”

I grinned down at her. “Aye, I’ll give you big.”

She lifted her foot against my belly as I pushed my jeans down lower. She dug her blue polished toes into the ridges of my abs. “You certainly will.”

I lifted her foot and kissed her ankle as I lowered myself slowly. The fervor dying down a little at the happiness radiating out of her. I slowly dragged the tip of my cock through her soaked slit and bumped against her clit.

She let out a gasp and her back arched. “Again.”

I gripped the steel rod that was my dick and swirled again. “Like that, Bunny?”

She shuddered. “Inside. That feels so good, but I need you inside me. Like we used to. You filled me until there was nothing else.”

Fuck, yes.

She felt it too. Knew that above even the joy of the baby, we needed this closeness again.

This was about us, and the love we’d nurtured for the last year in between the craziness of a tour, and album releases, and band tensions, and our own trials to get pregnant.

Above all of that would always be me and Callie.

I slipped inside her slowly, watching her face as I touched every inch of her from the inside out. I propped myself up with one arm and slid the other under her back to grip her glorious tangle of sunshine hair. I covered her mouth and swallowed the sweet moan and melded it into my own.

Every inch.

Every space.

Every sigh became mine as we moved together. We rolled around the lake-sized bed, enjoying the give and take of our bodies. Until finally she rose above me and shook out her hair as she tipped her head back and took all of me.

I reached up to cup her breasts, then even higher to cup her face as I tipped her gaze down to mine. “Together. Wait for me.”

She quaked above me, watching and waiting as I drove up into her.

“Callie.” Her name was a prayer and an oath as the pleasure I’d been battling shook me to my foundations. Once upon a time, I’d never have allowed myself to give so much. But she never rejected me, or the love I had to give. She took all of it and gave back so much more.

I reared up and wrapped my arms around her back and dragged her mouth to mine. The low keen of her release crashed into my growl as I shuddered in her wake. As she pulsed around me and wrung me out. I buried my face in her hair, nipping at the sweet spot where neck and shoulder met as she shouted my name.

She wound her arms around me and her fingers slid through my hair. We held on to each other while we both found our breath.

She leaned back a little, but still kept my half-hard cock inside her as she smiled down at me. Her face was flushed and her eyes sparkled with happiness. “If we hadn’t made a baby before, I’m pretty sure that might have done it.”

I grinned up at her. “Is that right?”

“I’ve never felt more loved than right now.”

“Never?” I laughed and swung her around and settled her back on the bed.

We were a tangle of legs and arms, hair and sweat, but there was nothing but love and bliss on her face. “Nope.”

“Guess I’ve got some making up to do, then.”

She laughed. “I didn’t mean it that way. You and me and baby makes three kind of way. Okay, with a side of orgasms.”

“Or four.”

“Babies?” The horror in her voice made me laugh.

“Orgasms, love.”

“Oh. Okay, I’ll take more of those. I’m thinking just one baby. Maybe two.”

“I’m good with just two wee ones. I only like sharing you so much.”

She lifted her knees up to cross her ankles at the small of my back. “Ditto, Blackbeard.”

“However, I am enjoying the extra sensitivity.” I lowered my mouth to her breast and smiled around her nipple as she hissed. “Am I hurting you?”

“No!” She cleared her throat and slipped her fingers into my hair to hold me close. “No, I really like that part.”

I laughed and wiggled down the bed a little to give them some special attention. “So these are going to get bigger, then?”


“I’m looking forward to the changes.” I inched even lower to her flat belly. “To see her grow.”

“Her being me?”

“No, the little wee one.”

“You think it’s a girl?”

I thought about it for a second. Terror and love warred in my brain. “I think so.” I peered up at her as I laced my fingers over her belly button and rested my chin on my hands. “I think you’re going to be a beautiful mum.”

Her eyes filled, but didn’t quite brim over. “I know you’re going to be a great dad.”

“I have a feeling we’ll bumble along together just fine.”

She nodded. “Exactly the way we should.”

“We got this far, didn’t we?”

“We sure did.”

I inched a little lower. “Now, back to showing you just how much I love you. At least three or four more times.”


“I’m feeling just a bit invincible tonight.”

“I accept any and all practice rounds you have in you.”

I pushed her thighs open and waggled my eyebrows. “That’s my girl. Always ready to take one for the team.”

She lifted her hands above her head with a luxurious stretch. “I just want to keep you happy, honey.”

“Well, then hang on tight. Things are going to get very happy up in here.”